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November 2nd 2020



9930 Lajeunesse Apt 3

Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3L 2E1

About Us

Based in Montreal, Bold Spirit Game Studio is a new independent game development studio founded by Maxime Vézina, who worked on titles like Assassin's Creed Origins and Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Our goal is to provide fun and thought-provoking video games to players around the world. We deeply believe that video games are a very powerful medium, and as long as we bring joy and inspire other creators, we consider this a big success.

For us, it's better to make games that a few people will love, rather than games a lot of people will simply like.


In 2016, studio founder Maxime Vézina graduated from NAD University in Montreal in video games. As his final student project, he made Red Trigger, a game he did by himself with the help of Gabriel Essiambre for the music and sound effects. NAD University always has a show at the end of a session to present the student projects to professionals of the industry. They are given a chance to play the games made by the graduates and vote for the best one. Red Trigger  won the Choice of Industry award that way.

Red Trigger  was submitted to Steam Greenlight and quickly rose to the Top 30 in a matter of days, before being selected for release. The game was released as a Free-to-Play and received a good success, being downloaded about 300,000 times and having a 90% positive review score, from more than 2,000 reviews. Red Trigger  also won Best Indie Game 2016  from Waiting4Players.

Shortly after, Maxime Vézina got hired at Ubisoft Montreal and worked there for 4 years. Despite always wanting to found his own indie studio, he saw this as a great opportunity to gain experience first. He worked on titles like Assassin's Creed Origins and Assassin's Creed Valhalla as a quest designer, where he was given big mandates, such as some quests in the beginning and the whole ending in Norway.

In 2020, Maxime Vézina decided to make the jump and quit his job to found Bold Spirit Game Studio. Since then, he is working on the sequel to Red Trigger : Red Trigger 2.



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