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About Us

Based in Montreal, Bold Spirit Game Studio is a new independent game development studio founded by Maxime Vézina, who worked on titles like Assassin's Creed Origins and Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Our mission is to provide fun and thought-provoking video games to players around the world. We deeply believe that video games are a powerful medium, and as long as we bring joy to players and inspire other creators, we consider this a big success.


While always putting the fun and the gameplay as the first priority in our games, we also aim to always have serious themes around them, like mental health, global warming, etc..., that can have positive impact on our players and society.

We also deeply believe in young talent, so we like to give the chance to young developers by having them work on our ambitious projects, and prove that they are full of talent. Even if they don't continue with Bold Spirit in the future, we are happy to kickstart their career, as it is hard to enter the industry.

For us, it's better to make games that a few people will love, rather than games a lot of people will simply like.

The Team


Maxime Vézina

Creative Director & Co-Producer

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Gabriel Essiambre

Co-Producer, Composer &
Sound Designer

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Émilie Bourgeois

Character Concept Artist

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