Rigger (Independent Contractor)

We're looking for an independent contractor for rigging. The work would consist of rigging and binding characters. Those will include at least one quadruped, a biped and a bird. As the characters are made one by one, the work would be divided into small contracts, one per character. We would like to work with the same rigger for every one of those. We estimate a total of around 10 characters to be rigged.

Here’s more details :

-The software used is Maya LT.

-The characters need to be rigged both in FK and IK, and have an FK/IK switch.

-We need an option to be able to stretch parts of the rig (Only need to stretch, no squash and stretch where it gets smaller/bigger).

-We need an option to scale the character.

-The binding should be very straight forward, as the characters have separated limbs (Think Rayman for example).

-For information, the animation style is semi-realist (not cartoon, not realistic either, it's sci-fi where floating pieces float and assemble)

-For information, our game engine used is Unreal Engine 4, but we are taking charge of the integration.

Interested? Simply send us an email at