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Red Trigger is an FPA (First Person Adventure) action game introducing players to the remastered world of Red Trigger. It takes inspiration from games like Portal, Metroid Prime and Bioshock, but very much has its own identity. Use your laser-gun to expand and retract red blocks, venture deeper into The Gathering Project’s server to uncover its secrets, and manage your energy wisely… you aren’t alone. The game is slated to come out in August 2023.


The game was originally a student project made only by its creator Maxime Vézina, but will soon receive a huge update. The game has been remade from the ground up by a team of more than 10 persons and features a ton of new content :

- New art direction
- New graphics and complete remodeling
- Improved and redesigned puzzles
- New story
- New game mechanics like a scanning visor
- Addition of collectibles in the form of audio logs
- Speedrunning tools
- And more!

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In Red Trigger, the main mechanic revolves around you shooting red blocks called Red Triggers. When you shoot a Red Trigger, it expands, and when you shoot it back, it retracts.


However, you can only expand three Red Triggers at a time, so you must manage your energy wisely. You can either retract Red Triggers one at a time, or all at once. Be careful though, you don't want to do that while standing on an extended block over a deep, deep void below you!


The Red Triggers are used in many different ways like making platforms, blocking lasers, holding doors open, powering systems, propelling yourself, inputting codes and more!


You play as a computer virus called Red Trigger. Corrupt the computer system you're infiltrating! Beware, this won't be easy, as you'll need to do an escape sequence to return to safety as it crumbles!

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