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July 8th 2016


FPS Puzzle


~1 hour



Red Trigger is a First Person Shooter (FPS) Puzzle game, inspired by games like Portal, Antichamber, Superliminal, The Witness and more, but very much has its own identity. The game came out July 8th 2016. It is free-to-play.

Shoot Red Blocks GIF.gif

In Red Trigger, the main mechanic revolves around you shooting red blocks called Red Triggers. When you shoot a Red Trigger, it expands, and when you shoot it back, it retracts.

Shoot Red Blocks GIF.gif

However, you can only expand three Red Triggers at a time, so you must manage your energy wisely. You can either retract Red Triggers one at a time, or all at once. Be careful though, you don't want to do that while standing on an extended block over a deep, deep void below you!

Use Many Different Ways GIF.gif

The Red Triggers are used in many different ways like making platforms, blocking lasers, holding doors open, powering systems, propelling yourself, inputting codes and more!

Corrupt GIF.gif

You play as a computer virus called Red Trigger. Corrupt the computer system you're infiltrating! Beware, this won't be easy, as you'll need to do an escape sequence to return to safety as it crumbles!

Red Trigger was a final student project made by Maxime Vézina, in Unreal Engine 4. It also won the award of Choice of the Industry at ImagiNAD in May 2016, as well as Best Indie Game 2016 from Waiting4Players. The game lasts for about 40 minutes to 1 hour+, depending on the player.

A remaster of the game will be made using the technology from Red Trigger 2 and will release shortly before the sequel.



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